Tory Austerity costs Slough £100 million

As we approach the end of a decade of Tory government the funding implications for Slough and our residents have become all to clear.

£100 million has been stripped from the Council as the Tories look to squeeze services and shrink the offer of Local Government. This £100 million cut has been welcomed by the local Tories who claim the government has ‘rightly prioritised’ money away from Slough residents.

Labour had worked tirelessly hard to keep the front line services resident expect available and despite the £100 million cut from government we have protect front line services such as weekly bin collections and free green waste. We have done this through changing how the council does business and by continuing to invest in our town – not only delivering great assets for our residents but bringing a return into the Council to protect front line services.

But make no mistake the cuts are real. The grant the council receives from Government is now £0 down from £56 million in 2010 and 96% our income comes from local taxation. This means we have £433 less to spend on services per resident.

Labour will be setting its budget for the year ahead for Slough on Feb 21st and despite the cuts and challenges we will be setting a positive budget, a budget that delivers for our residents and one that continues to drive investment into our town.