Swimming pools filled ahead of opening of new Farnham Road Leisure Centre

Slough Labour is celebrating the completion and filling of the two pools at the brand new leisure centre on Farnham Road.

And as the last of 28,500 gallons of water was pumped into the main pool, the leader of the council, James Swindlehurst, announced the new leisure centre is planned to open its doors to the public on Monday 25 March; in plenty of time for the Easter holidays.

The completion of The Centre will mark the end of Labour’s Leisure Strategy which delivered £51 million investment into major leisure facilities across Slough, and strikingly now means Arbour Park, not yet 5 years old, is the town’s oldest facility.

Councillor Swindlehurst, said:

“It is amazing to see the new swimming pools being filled and it shows how close we are to completing this incredible new facility.

“It was clear from going around the building, with final painting taking place right in front of us that this will be a building of quality, fit for a town which is at the forefront of regeneration.

“Our £60 million investment in the town leisure facilities has proven, once again, as a council we are driving regeneration and working for our residents in bringing them not just new, but superior facilities and opportunities.

“From the 15 March we will be offering groups or clubs who already use Montem the chance to have a sneak peak prior to the public opening on 25 March. And there are plans for a family fun day in April so everyone can have a look around for free.”


Councillor Rob Anderson, lead member for environment and leisure, said:

“The filling of the pools marks a major milestone in not only the completion of the new leisure centre but also our programme to update, rebuild, extend and expand our leisure facilities.

“We started with Arbour Park community sports stadium and in fewer than two years we have opened a totally rebuilt Ice Arena, a new family activity centre at Salt Hill, a completely refurbished and extended Langley Leisure Centre and now The Centre.

“When The Centre opens, our leisure facilities will be second to none; and our plans to invest in providing excellent, well-managed leisure and activity centres for our residents will be complete.”

Montem Leisure Centre will close on 24 March at 12 noon and is scheduled for decommissioning and demolition immediately.

The building of the new leisure centre is being undertaken by Slough Urban Renewal – a partnership between the council and Morgan Sindall Investments Ltd which is bring new homes, school places, hotels and leisure facilities to the borough as part of a major regeneration programme.