Police cuts to Thames Valley hit £100 million mark

Crime was the hot topic at PMQs this week, the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, turned Theresa May’s record against her and exposed the level of cuts our police force have faced under this Conservative government – and of course the governments own figures showing crime in England and Wales has risen a massive 14% in the last 12 months.

This national announcement comes of the back of the Thames Valley Crime and Police Commissioner reporting to the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee November 2017 meeting a rise of 7.1% across the Thames Valley.

Councillors were also informed Thames Valley Police have seen their budget slashed by £100 million which has resulted in the loss of 400 police officers from our streets. Had this 28% budget cut not occurred an extra 1,000 police officers could have been employed.

While funding is being withdrawn our police are seeing unprecedented demand with over 1 Fear for Wellbeing call being recorded every 14 minutes and 1 Domestic Violence call being recorded every 8 minutes.

Cllr Pavitar K. Mann, Lead Member for Regulation and Consumer Protection said:


“Todays 14% rise in crime figures come on the back of the loss of 20,000 frontline police officers under the Conservative Government – taking police numbers to their lowest in 30 years. The damning truth is the public are now being forced to pay the price for the reckless attitude the Conservatives have taken toward public safety.


As the daughter and granddaughter of former police officers, I know first-hand the sacrifices our police officers make and the commitment they have to serving the public. Indeed, over the past 12 months we have unfortunately seen time and time again the bravery and heroism of our police force when dealing with the most barbaric and horrific crimes – it’s about time the government showed our police the respect they deserve and ensured our police are adequately resourced so they can continue the tremendous work they do in keeping us safe.”