More Council Homes thanks to Slough Labour

Slough Labour have always had a proud record when it comes to building council homes for our residents. Indeed it was Labour who built the first council homes in Slough in over a generation when they started the transformation of the Britwell estate almost a decade ago.

Since that day the council has continued to churn out new council homes as well as increase the supply of affordable housing in Slough.

That proud record continues with another 25 homes under construction as part of phase 3 of the councils plan to turn redundant land into over 130 new council homes.

The 25 new homes delivered in phase 3 will be a mixture of permanent and temporary accommodation, wheelchair accessible bungalows and semi-detached houses, and should


The sites are:

1. Brook Path
Three, detached, accessible bungalows on a gap site

2. Pendeen Court
Five new flats in one block for temporary accommodation on an old garage / store

3. Morton Way
Four new semi-detached homes with parking on an old garage site

4. 324 Trelawney Avenue
Three new terraced homes with parking on the site of a former doctor’s surgery

5. Fox Road
Six new semi-detached homes with parking on a redundant garage area

6. Land adjacent to 7-9 Mansel Close
Four new semi-detached homes with parking on a redundant garage area


Councillor Mohammed Nazir, cabinet member for housing, said:

These six small sites, in addition to the six in phase two and the four in phase one, are the reality of our strategy to utilise small plots of land – garages, derelict properties and infill – to provide desperately needed, quality council homes for people of our town.


With more than 130 new properties being built just in these small sites, alongside ones in SUR’s new developments, we will be offering even more people access to decent quality affordable homes.


I am really pleased this set of small sites also includes temporary accommodation as this shows our commitment to the £18million set aside in our budget in the coming year for this type of the most needed housing.